KAN-DU Stump Grinders by SRI (Stump Removal, Inc.)



1,450 lbs



Boom Retracted
Boom Extended
Boom in Retracted Position - 96" Boom in Extended Position - 120"
Boom Hydraulically Extends and Retracts
Overall Width
With front wheels
in Widest Position
With front wheels in widest position it measures 47"
With front wheels in narrowest position it measures only 28" With front wheels
in Narrowest Position
Wheel Diameter 16"
To Tip of Teeth 20"
Thickness 1"
Bearings Mounted 1?quot; Pillow Block
Wheel RPM 1200 RPM
Drive Chain and V-Belt
with Belt Tightener
and Brake
Teeth 6 to 10 Carbide Tipped
Chip Retaining Shields All Locations for
Grinding Wheel
and Operator
Above Ground 30"
Below Ground 24"
Width Boom Retracted - 34"
Boom Extended - 47"

47" Cutting Width with Boom Extended

Pump Capacity 11 GPM
System Pressure Relief 2,000 PSI
Oil Reservoir Capacity 3.8 Gallons
Oil Type Universal Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Hoses ?quot; and ?quot; Heavy Duty
Hydraulic Cylinders 6 Heavy Duty 2" Cylinders

Model KOHLER Command PRO
CH 740S
Horse Power 27 HP at 3600 RPM
Warranty 2 Years
Oil Sentry Automatic Low Oil Pressure Switch
Air Cleaner Assembly Canister - Dual Element
Electrical System 12 Volt Solid State Ignition
with Key Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.6 Gallons

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