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The KAN-DU Stump Grinder is the most versatile stump grinder on the market today. It is small enough to get through a 30" opening, but is large enough to grind any size stump efficiently with a single operator.

After being in the tree business over 30 years, the inventor, Don Eilertson, built the first KAN-DU because he was not satisfied with the small manual "back breakers" on the market. Being in the business and using the grinder every day, he knew what kind of situations are encountered in the field and the features needed to overcome those obstacles. Mr. Eilertson obtained a patent on his unique design of a rugged and self-propelled stump grinding machine that could out perform larger equipment and also gain access to stump grinding jobs that were unreachable by larger equipment. As a result, the KAN-DU makes it possible for its operator to be able to say "I KAN-DU all those stump grinding jobs that the others Can't Do".

Side-by-side comparisons have been made with other grinders on the market with up to 34 hp engines and the KAN-DU out performed all of them in maneuverability, accessibility, stability, travel speed and cutting speed. The KAN-DU will out perform any stump grinder on the market in all around performance.

The only time a piece of equipment can make money is when it is on the job working. It is a shame to have an expensive stump grinder sitting in the shop because it is too big or the ground is too soft to get the grinder to the stump or stumps.

The KAN-DU is the only grinder on the market with all the features below in one machine:

27 Horse Power KOHLER Command PRO Engine with a 2 year factory warranty. This is the most powerful standard engine offered by any self-propelled hydraulically operated grinder that will travel through a 30" opening.
29" Machine Width with front wheels rotated to the inside frame position. This feature allows the KAN-DU to go through narrow gates, along narrow pathways and through 30" doorways to get to hard-to-reach stumps.
Rotating the Front Turf Tire to Inside Narrowest Position
Don Eilertson
Rotating the Front Turf Tire to
the Inside Frame Position
Narrowest Configuration
View of the 29" Wide KAN-DU after Rotating both Front Turf Tires to the Inside Frame Position
Working Configuration 47" Working Width with Low Center of Gravity for excellent stability. This feature allows the KAN-DU to easily go over curbs, steps, and uneven terrain. Additionally, the operator does not have to periodically stop the grinder to clear away the chip buildup.
Self-Propelled. The KAN-DU's adjustable travel speed allows it to travel slowly in tight areas and to move at a fast walk in open areas, compared with the crawl speed of other machines. In many instances, the KAN-DU can be unloaded, quickly moved to the stump, completely grind the stump and be reloaded in the same amount of time required by other grinders just to get to the stump.
Positive Traction Drive System and Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump. This time-saving feature allows the KAN-DU to easily climb hills and ramps in the lower stage and to move quickly over flatter surfaces in the higher stage, giving the operator the ability to get to  remote stumps more quickly than with other stump grinders. Rear Traction Tire
Rear Traction Tire
Wide Turf Tires. This feature allows the KAN-DU to work on rain softened lawns with little or no damage to the lawn.
Hydraulically Controlled Stability Blade, located on the rear of the machine. This feature allows the operator to keep the grinder from moving while grinding stumps, whether on steep slopes or on flat ground. By simply lowering the blade, the operator can continue grinding stumps, instead of wasting precious time stabilizing the grinder by hand, as required by other machines each time the operator must reposition the grinder.
30" Grinding Height.  This unique design and reach of the KAN-DU allows the operator to completely grind large uprooted stumps. The inventor personally ground out many uprooted stumps over 8 feet tall with his KAN-DU Stump Grinder in the aftermath of hurricanes Hugo and Andrew.
24" Grinding Depth. This unique feature allows the operator to completely grind stumps to the depth of 24 inches, facilitating the replanting of a new tree in the same spot. 24" Deep Hole created by the KAN-DU. The ground up chips and soil have been removed for use as back fill for planting a new tree.
Resulting 24" deep hole from which the ground up wood chips and soil have been removed for planting a new tree.
Hydraulic Controls Hydraulic Controls. Each action, except for the steering and stability blade, has a separate adjusting valve allowing for an operating speed that is adjustable for individual operator preference. In addition, the KAN-DU uses a high quality valve allowing the operator to meter each action with the valve handle, unlike other valves of lesser quality that can only be in the open or closed position. Because the KAN-DU is hydraulically controlled and its control levers are conveniently located, the KAN-DU can be operated by virtually anyone regardless of stature.
Heavy Duty Cutter Teeth. These carbide-tipped cutter teeth stand up to rock, concrete, even steel. The KAN-DU was the first grinder to use 1" x ?quot; cutter teeth for their durability, instead of the ?quot; square tooth found on other grinders. Heavy Duty Carbide Tipped Cutting Tooth
Edge View of 1" Thick Cutting Wheel 1" Thick Cutter Wheel. This feature extends the life of the cutter wheel and increases its momentum, reducing the strain on the drive mechanism,  another KAN-DU first. Heavy Duty Cutting Wheel
Automatic Cutter Wheel Brake. This important safety feature allows the operator to stop the motion of the cutter wheel with a simple release of a lever,  yet another KAN-DU first.
Over 29 years of proven reliability.
A single operator with one KAN-DU Stump Grinder can easily keep up with 4 tree removal crews.

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