New $24,500.00
Stump Grinder



1,450 lbs



Length Boom Retracted - 96"
Boom Extended - 120"
Overall Width With front wheels in
Widest Position - 47"
With front wheels in
Narrowest Position - 29"
Stabilization Blade Located to the Rear
Tires Front - 16x7.50x8 Turf Tire
  Rear - 16x6.50x8 Traction Tire
Wheel Diameter 16"
To Tip of Teeth 20"
Thickness 1"
Bearings 1?quot; Pillow Block
Wheel RPM 1200 RPM
Drive Chain and V-Belt with Belt Tightener and Brake
Teeth 8 - 1"x3?quot; Heavy Duty Carbide Tipped
Chip Retaining Shields All Locations for
Grinding Wheel
and Operator
Above Ground 30"
Below Ground 24"
Width Boom Retracted - 34"
Boom Extended - 48"
Pump Capacity 11 GPM
System Pressure Relief 2,000 PSI
Oil Reservoir Capacity 3.8 Gallons
Oil Type Universal Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Hoses ?quot; and ?quot; Heavy Duty
Hydraulic Cylinders 6 - Heavy Duty 2"
Vanguard 35
Horse Power 35 HP at 3600 RPM
Warranty 2 Years
Oil Sentry Automatic Low Oil Pressure Switch
Air Cleaner Assembly Canister - Dual Element
Electrical System 12 Volt Solid State Ignition
with Key Start
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.6 Gallons

Copyright ? 2016 Stump Removal, Inc.


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